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Dressing our “Little” Girls


I had the privilege of raising and caring for two of God’s precious gifts, my daughters Emmarie and Chloe.  One of the best books I ever read on raising children, girls particularly, was called, “Keeping the Little in Your Girl.”  I know there are lots of mommas out there who work diligently to preserve the innocence of their daughters.  Our children learn by observing the world around them. They need us to teach them the way they should go.  If we don’t the TV will.  The other school kids will. The world will tell them how to live, what is OK, what is not OK, etc.  I want to talk about dress, attire, etc.  

I was shopping online for a pair of jeans for myself.  i’m in a wheelchair, so I can’t wear jeans that have bling or excess designs on the back pockets.  So I just get the basic jeans in a color I like.  I found a site and the first thing that came up was MISS ME jeans.  Now I’ve actually only recently even heard of this brand.  Are they cute? YES!! Do I like bling? YES!  I’m a girly girl at heart.  So were my girls.  Anyway, I noticed that the first image you see of the MISS ME (and other brands) was the back side.  Not only the back side, but you know the pockets with LOTS of bling, fancy designs.  Let me ask a question.  Why do we want to let ourselves or our daughters wear jeans that draw the eyes to the BOTTOM (back side) first?  What kind of message is that giving?  

Now I’m going to talk about personality and behavior.  Do we teach them how to behave not only at home but at other people’s homes? Do we teach them to ask before they get?  To be covered even in their own house… not run around in their underwear, etc if others are around? When we have company shouldn’t we be dressed?  What about swimsuits?  As you guessed I disapprove of bikinis.  There is simply no need to expose that much skin to the sun for one thing, and to the world for another.  If we want to keep the little in our girl we have to teach them early about modest attire.  I don’t mean you have to tell a 5 or 6 year-old about the birds and the bees… I just mean that modeling is the best teacher at this age.

There are several stores who are noted for their stylish but modes children’s attire.  Some of them include: Children’s Place, Old Navy, and Gap, I think.  Of course I love Target, Kohls, and even Wal-Mart at times.  Check them out next time you are shopping for clothes, and keep the little in your girl! 

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The World Today

I don’t think many of us have to look to far around to know that the world has gone crazy. 

But have you noticed the pace at which everything is happening? 

Sadly watching one state after another adopt laws that allow same sex marriages…

The President use his pen and the phone to make sweeping legislations….

U.S. Dollar quickly declining as the world standard for currency…

Mandatory RFID chip implantation (upcoming) for Obamacare subscribers or anyone on any kind of government assistance (actually in Hanna, Wyoming it’s already a requirement)…

And I’ve seen so many people, kids, ministers and others, being suddenly called home to heaven and I believe this is an act of mercy….

Mercy from what? Mercy from impending judgment.  

A nation cannot spit in God’s face and except Him to bless them.  The slaughter of innocent life, homosexuality on the rampage, and our nation’s overall moral decline are all signs of God’s judgment. 

My heart is heavy for all the lost hurting people of the world today… and time is running out.  

We are living “as in the days of Noah”.  People laughed at and made fun of Noah when he began building the ark.  They didn’t believe him.  The wold was so wicked that God regretted He had mad mankind.  They laughed… they made fun… but then one drop… then another… then a flood… then the earth and everything on it, except those who had entered the ark, were destroyed!  

But it is NOT TOO LATE AMERICA!  Return to the LORD.  He is a LOVING God, not desiring that any should perish.  But He won’t hold back forever.  It’s time for the true Christians, the bride of Christ, to STAND up and confront sin, but to also love people.  

It’s not hate speech or “legalism” to call sin what it is.  It is LOVE!  Love compels people to do what is right for their own good.  

If your neighbor’s house was burning to the ground.  If you loved them you would make sure they had gotten out.. you’d call the fire department… you wouldn’t just let them burn!  But that is what is going to happen to so many people, even ones who THINK they are saved, because they don’t know JESUS as Lord and Savior.  So it is love that compels me to say that abortion is sin.  Homosexuality is sin. Same sex marriage is an abomination to God.  Of course cheating, lying, most cases of divorce, sitting and watching secular television shows where there are foul language, newness, or suggestive content, is BAD.  Church: we can’t have a little Jesus and live like the world.  That’s called SIN.  There will be no sinners in heaven.  We were all sinners, yes.  But some of us got SAVED FROM SIN. It’s not that we don’t accidentally mess up every now and then.  But when we do we are quick to repent and not do it again.  At that point it is washed away and forgiven.  But there won’t be anyone in heaven who lived a sinful lifestyle, even if they prayed a prayer to ask jesus into their hearts.  Only the pure of heart will see God, and there is a holiness that without it, no man will see God.  

All of these things I’m mentioning are to to condemn anyone.  But rather in LOVE to reach out and to hope that somehow when the end of this age does come, and it IS coming, that you will be ready for your eternal destination.  We will all live forever.  Some in heaven in paradise forever and ever.  Some to eternal damnation where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth – forever.  

We have a choice.  We can be a world changer for the LORD or we can sit back and do nothing.

I’ve made my choice.  

In LOVE!  






“Forgiveness does not make the wrong that were done to you right. Forgiveness makes you all right. Forgiveness does not mean letting your perpetrators off the hook.  Forgiveness means letting yourself off the hook and getting released from the tyranny of vengefull thoughts. Forgiving others for their wrongs gives you a chance to shine for Christ like never before.” -Voice of the Martyrs

I can say this is true of me because God has given me the grace to forgive my mother for doing drugs while she was pregnant with me.  I’ve also forgiven my stepsister for trying to hide and keep my share of our dad’s inheritance to herself. And my husband and I have been able to forgive the man who rear ended me and the girls at 7 mph, taking their lives and making me a paraplegic.
Forgiveness comes down to a choice. As Christians we don’t have a choice really. He’s us said to forgive.  He forgave you and everyone who asks for all of our sin which was the reason He had to die on the Cross. So we could be forgiven. But even if you aren’t a Christian, forgiveness benefits you.
Let it go. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

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