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Easter or Resurrection?

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A couple of days ago something hit me and hit me hard! Even though this is really the second year of holidays since the girls went Home, it feels like the first.  That’s because I spent most of the “big” first holidays in the hospital or rehab following the car accident. So now that I am home the reality of it all is coming to me.  So what hit me?  The reality that they are not here? No.  Rather the reality that I had no idea how to celebrate “Easter” anymore.  I’ve been a Christian since I was 12.  But celebrating “Easter” has always been about pretty dresses, new shoes, the Easter church service, a big meal, egg hunts, and “Easter” baskets.   Now that I’m not all wrapped up in buying beautiful dresses for Emmarie and Chloe and myself and having so many festivities to attend, it hit me.  I found myself crying not because the girls aren’t with us as much as the realization that I have never truly celebrated Resurrection. Furthermore, I have NO IDEA how to celebrate it.  Do I love Jesus? Am I thankful for ALL He did for me? YES, of course!!  But what do I do about it to celebrate?  I honestly don’t know. I’d say that at least the family was coming in and we would get together and have a meal and just be thankful together.  But they probably aren’t coming in because my father in law, cut his leg on a chainsaw earlier this week and may not be able to handle the 2.5 hour drive.  And I am not up to driving that far either.   

My husband and I were talking about it and a good question came up….. IF all the eggs, bunnies, dresses,  etc. were removed, and none were available at all… would the Church celebrate or would it just be another church service?  I would like to think we would, but who knows? I’m sure the most sincere Christians would find a way to celebrate.  But another question is why do we as Christians get so caught up in bunnies and eggs when that has absolutely nothing to do with Resurrection, which is THE reason Christians should celebrate Easter.  There is nothing wrong with dressing up in new clothes.  And I love the pastel-colored bunnies, cute decorations, and candy you only find this time of year.  However when you think about the church on Easter Sunday… so many times people show up to see what everyone is wearing, who’s kids are dressed the prettiest, etc.  I have been in so many church services on Easter that were nothing but man’s agenda…and the Holy Spirit didn’t stand a chance of having His way in the service. After all, we need to be at the restaurant before all the other churches let out and get there.  Oh wait – that’s every Sunday in a lot of churches!!!

So what are me and Richard going to do for Resurrection?  Well, we plan on spending the day praising the Lord and maybe streaming a church service.  It’s time for us to think about some new traditions, but ones that don’t involve the secularization of Easter. Before this hit me, I would have sincerely thought that I was celebrating Jesus’ resurrection by going to church and getting together with family.  But I had no idea how much I was also celebrating it in a worldly manner.  I’ve never believed it was all about that other stuff anyway.  I just had no idea how it had pulled me in…. it’s time for me to find some new ways to celebrate, some new traditions to begin, and ones that represent my Savior’s resurrection!  

Happy Resurrection Day!  Be Blessed. 

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Have you ever thought about the saying that our God is a jealous God? This phrase actually comes from Scripture  beginning in Deuteronomy 13 Moses is telling the Israelites that if a prophet comes and gives a word and it comes to pass but if he tries to lead them to other gods then they are to put that prophet to death. It even goes further than that. It says that is a loved one tries to entice them to follow after false gods that they are to be put to death. So there you have it. That is what it means when we say our God is a jealous God.
And in those days which was before Jesus’ time, the only way to pardon for sin was by the shedding of blood. Sometimes God required the blood of animals but other times he required the blood of the evil doer. And we can see from these examples that when it comes to worshipping other gods the blood of animals wasn’t enough.

So what about today? God is still a jealous God. He wants all of us. Any time we follow after the things of this world, whether it be always having to wear the top brand clothes or driving nice cars or watching television and secular movies, delving into New Age , or any thing else that we put ahead or in place of the Lord, that is provoking God’s jealousy. We don’t have grace to allow us to sin. We have grace to keep us from sinning.

If today we have any thing in our lives that we are putting before God the only way to deal with it is to forsaken and ask for forgiveness. God is still a jealous God.

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It occurs to me that maybe we need instruction in how to pray. A lot of times on Facebook I read where friends are facing medical tests and or illness, and are asking for prayers
As I read through the comments people make I often see comments such as “prayed.”
But it occurs to me that in some situations they need is not for a one time prayer, but rather for ongoing prayer.
Sometimes I think people’s lives are so busy and they do want to pray for the needs but they have to do it right then or they might forget. However in some things at least a one time prayer is not really enough. We need to learn to persevere in prayer until we see the answer.
I find it helpful to
keep a list on my notes app in my phone. Then in my prayer time I am able to remember who and what to pray for. It’s also helpful for people to give updates on their situation so that those who are praying can stay updated and know how to focus our prayers.
There are situations in which we don’t really know how to pray or what to pray. In these times its most helpful to pray in the Spirit.

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