Living Life

Jesus, Me, and the Kitchen Table


on April 2, 2014

It occurs to me that maybe we need instruction in how to pray. A lot of times on Facebook I read where friends are facing medical tests and or illness, and are asking for prayers
As I read through the comments people make I often see comments such as “prayed.”
But it occurs to me that in some situations they need is not for a one time prayer, but rather for ongoing prayer.
Sometimes I think people’s lives are so busy and they do want to pray for the needs but they have to do it right then or they might forget. However in some things at least a one time prayer is not really enough. We need to learn to persevere in prayer until we see the answer.
I find it helpful to
keep a list on my notes app in my phone. Then in my prayer time I am able to remember who and what to pray for. It’s also helpful for people to give updates on their situation so that those who are praying can stay updated and know how to focus our prayers.
There are situations in which we don’t really know how to pray or what to pray. In these times its most helpful to pray in the Spirit.


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