Living Life

Jesus, Me, and the Kitchen Table


on April 3, 2014

Have you ever thought about the saying that our God is a jealous God? This phrase actually comes from Scripture  beginning in Deuteronomy 13 Moses is telling the Israelites that if a prophet comes and gives a word and it comes to pass but if he tries to lead them to other gods then they are to put that prophet to death. It even goes further than that. It says that is a loved one tries to entice them to follow after false gods that they are to be put to death. So there you have it. That is what it means when we say our God is a jealous God.
And in those days which was before Jesus’ time, the only way to pardon for sin was by the shedding of blood. Sometimes God required the blood of animals but other times he required the blood of the evil doer. And we can see from these examples that when it comes to worshipping other gods the blood of animals wasn’t enough.

So what about today? God is still a jealous God. He wants all of us. Any time we follow after the things of this world, whether it be always having to wear the top brand clothes or driving nice cars or watching television and secular movies, delving into New Age , or any thing else that we put ahead or in place of the Lord, that is provoking God’s jealousy. We don’t have grace to allow us to sin. We have grace to keep us from sinning.

If today we have any thing in our lives that we are putting before God the only way to deal with it is to forsaken and ask for forgiveness. God is still a jealous God.


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