Living Life

Jesus, Me, and the Kitchen Table


welcomeHi! I’m glad you came for a look! This is my new blog.  Sometimes I have more to say than I care to put into my FB status.  I thought this would be a better way for me to share what’s going on with us.  I’ll still use FB though.  Can’t go too long without it, right?!

The title of the blog, “Living Life – Jesus, Me, and the Kitchen Table” kind of tells everyone that the blog will contain posts of all kinds of topics.  Inspirational – what God is teaching me and/or things I’d just like to share.  Also there will be education-related posts and just about anything else, LOL!

To learn more about me please click on the “About” tab and read my story – at least the latest part of my story.  I dedicate this to our two sweet angels, Emmarie and Chloe , who are in heaven.

Be sure to click the “Follow” button so you can get updates when I post. Thank you for stopping in and I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor!