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Dressing our “Little” Girls


I had the privilege of raising and caring for two of God’s precious gifts, my daughters Emmarie and Chloe.  One of the best books I ever read on raising children, girls particularly, was called, “Keeping the Little in Your Girl.”  I know there are lots of mommas out there who work diligently to preserve the innocence of their daughters.  Our children learn by observing the world around them. They need us to teach them the way they should go.  If we don’t the TV will.  The other school kids will. The world will tell them how to live, what is OK, what is not OK, etc.  I want to talk about dress, attire, etc.  

I was shopping online for a pair of jeans for myself.  i’m in a wheelchair, so I can’t wear jeans that have bling or excess designs on the back pockets.  So I just get the basic jeans in a color I like.  I found a site and the first thing that came up was MISS ME jeans.  Now I’ve actually only recently even heard of this brand.  Are they cute? YES!! Do I like bling? YES!  I’m a girly girl at heart.  So were my girls.  Anyway, I noticed that the first image you see of the MISS ME (and other brands) was the back side.  Not only the back side, but you know the pockets with LOTS of bling, fancy designs.  Let me ask a question.  Why do we want to let ourselves or our daughters wear jeans that draw the eyes to the BOTTOM (back side) first?  What kind of message is that giving?  

Now I’m going to talk about personality and behavior.  Do we teach them how to behave not only at home but at other people’s homes? Do we teach them to ask before they get?  To be covered even in their own house… not run around in their underwear, etc if others are around? When we have company shouldn’t we be dressed?  What about swimsuits?  As you guessed I disapprove of bikinis.  There is simply no need to expose that much skin to the sun for one thing, and to the world for another.  If we want to keep the little in our girl we have to teach them early about modest attire.  I don’t mean you have to tell a 5 or 6 year-old about the birds and the bees… I just mean that modeling is the best teacher at this age.

There are several stores who are noted for their stylish but modes children’s attire.  Some of them include: Children’s Place, Old Navy, and Gap, I think.  Of course I love Target, Kohls, and even Wal-Mart at times.  Check them out next time you are shopping for clothes, and keep the little in your girl! 

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Strolling Down Memory Lane


I had the pleasure of a great friend coming to visit on Saturday.  Each month since my coming home from the hospital, she has come and we have had a project to work on for the day.  Sometimes other mutual friends accompany her. We always have fun and get things done!  Saturday our project was to take picture frame Christmas ornaments and put pictures of the girls in them.  It has been her tradition each year since the girls were born to send one of these ornaments for each of the girls. I just had not taken time to add the pictures. I’m not overly talented at crafty stuff and time was so short.

As we went through pictures on the computer we found some that were perfect to crop, cut, and insert into the ornaments. This was so much fun because it let us both look back at past events and activities with Emmarie and Chloe. Oh how I miss them! But how sweet it was to have a good friend to go with me down Memory Lane!

This year’s ornament, which she actually purchased last year, is 2 angels. In the past the ornaments would be different; like a penguin and snowman. But last year she bought 2 angels!! I think this is far beyond coincidence! I’ll keep taking strolls like these until I meet them on the streets of gold!

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