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Richard (my husband) an I were talking last night about a church service we’d been to a few hours earlier. The worship was so good. And so I made a FB post about it.  A lot of us do that.  We go to our church and then post something like, “Awesome Word today by (insert your pastor’s name) at (insert your church name).  My comment was not so much about the people doing the worship as much as the experience I had with the Lord.  I really entered into the presence of the Lord during that service and it was about Him. 

In the 1990’s there was a major move of God in Pensacola, FL known as the Brownsville Revival.  Over a period of 5 years hundreds of thousands of people flooded Brownsville Assembly of God night after night.  We were blessed to be a part of it for a year when we lived in Pensacola. The worship was amazing, the preaching was anointed and the altars were flooded each night with sinners coming to Jesus.  People were healed. Addictions were broken.  It was true revival.  

In 1997 SPIN Magazine, a secular magazine, came to report on the revival.  The headline of they wrote following their visit was, “AWESOME GOD”  

This is what happens when God shows up.  The attention is not on man.  This is quite a contrast to so many today who focus on the pastor or the worship team and post about them.  I know people mean well, and I’m not condemning anyone.  But we need to get our eyes on Jesus and off man.  Man is just the vessel God uses anyway.  

You can read the SPIN magazine article here:

It’s pretty cool! 


Thanks to Richard for pointing this out.  

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Easter or Resurrection?

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A couple of days ago something hit me and hit me hard! Even though this is really the second year of holidays since the girls went Home, it feels like the first.  That’s because I spent most of the “big” first holidays in the hospital or rehab following the car accident. So now that I am home the reality of it all is coming to me.  So what hit me?  The reality that they are not here? No.  Rather the reality that I had no idea how to celebrate “Easter” anymore.  I’ve been a Christian since I was 12.  But celebrating “Easter” has always been about pretty dresses, new shoes, the Easter church service, a big meal, egg hunts, and “Easter” baskets.   Now that I’m not all wrapped up in buying beautiful dresses for Emmarie and Chloe and myself and having so many festivities to attend, it hit me.  I found myself crying not because the girls aren’t with us as much as the realization that I have never truly celebrated Resurrection. Furthermore, I have NO IDEA how to celebrate it.  Do I love Jesus? Am I thankful for ALL He did for me? YES, of course!!  But what do I do about it to celebrate?  I honestly don’t know. I’d say that at least the family was coming in and we would get together and have a meal and just be thankful together.  But they probably aren’t coming in because my father in law, cut his leg on a chainsaw earlier this week and may not be able to handle the 2.5 hour drive.  And I am not up to driving that far either.   

My husband and I were talking about it and a good question came up….. IF all the eggs, bunnies, dresses,  etc. were removed, and none were available at all… would the Church celebrate or would it just be another church service?  I would like to think we would, but who knows? I’m sure the most sincere Christians would find a way to celebrate.  But another question is why do we as Christians get so caught up in bunnies and eggs when that has absolutely nothing to do with Resurrection, which is THE reason Christians should celebrate Easter.  There is nothing wrong with dressing up in new clothes.  And I love the pastel-colored bunnies, cute decorations, and candy you only find this time of year.  However when you think about the church on Easter Sunday… so many times people show up to see what everyone is wearing, who’s kids are dressed the prettiest, etc.  I have been in so many church services on Easter that were nothing but man’s agenda…and the Holy Spirit didn’t stand a chance of having His way in the service. After all, we need to be at the restaurant before all the other churches let out and get there.  Oh wait – that’s every Sunday in a lot of churches!!!

So what are me and Richard going to do for Resurrection?  Well, we plan on spending the day praising the Lord and maybe streaming a church service.  It’s time for us to think about some new traditions, but ones that don’t involve the secularization of Easter. Before this hit me, I would have sincerely thought that I was celebrating Jesus’ resurrection by going to church and getting together with family.  But I had no idea how much I was also celebrating it in a worldly manner.  I’ve never believed it was all about that other stuff anyway.  I just had no idea how it had pulled me in…. it’s time for me to find some new ways to celebrate, some new traditions to begin, and ones that represent my Savior’s resurrection!  

Happy Resurrection Day!  Be Blessed. 

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