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My Summer

  This has certainly been a different summer. I did have a wonderful 40th birthday with friends and family, which are the best gifts! But gift cards to my favorite places were just the icing on the cake! 

However, right after my birthday my health kind of took a dive. I always have to work hard against urinary tract infections. But this time I got one that made me really sick. I had finally gotten to where I could not keep anything down except Popsicles. Even water made me throw up! My doctor admitted me to the hospital and started IV antibiotics– vancomycin which is really powerful. I was in in there for 3 days. 

 picture of dawn in hospital july 2015 
Just as I was starting to get my strength back a month later, it returned. So we tried doing outpatient antibiotics. I even had a PICC line. I was having to go to the hospital every 12 hours for infusions of vancomycin. But I started getting really tired, exhausted from getting up early to be at the hospital only to go home and return later the same evening. So I was admitted and stayed a night and one day. 

 picture of Dawn sitting in the hospital riom connected to the IV  during outpatient antibiotic regimen, August 2015 
I may be the only one this makes sense to, but I think the Lord sends me on medical mission trips. Here’s why.  On the way to get my PICC put in I had to turn around and take another route to the hospital because of a bad accident at the next intersection. Upon getting to the ER, which is where I had to check in for each treatment, I learned the details of the wreck. A mom and her son had been killed. Her 2 daughters were being flown to a larger hospital. Another woman who was driving them was also flown to a larger hospital. If you know my story you can tell how close to home this was for me. So all weekend even though I was busy going back and forth for my infusions, I was praying for them– a lot! That was Saturday. 

Then Sunday I was waiting to get checked in a young woman and her husband approached the desk. With tears and a very nervous-sounding voice She said, “Excuse me, but it’s an emergency!” We looked and her water had broken. So I reached out for her hand and she held on to me. I told her everything was going to be alright. But she cried all the more and told me and the guy behind the desk that she was six weeks early. But I told her that my first baby was born 5 weeks early and she ended up being fine. I  told her I knew how hard it was but the best thing she could do for her unborn son was to relax and stay calm.  While the  ER attendant was calling Labor and Deluvery I asked if I could pray for her. She was a little reluctant but agreed. So we had a quick prayer and she thanked me. And then they took her to L&D. 

Because of being paralyzed, nurses and nurse aides ask me how I became paralyzed. And this opens up the doors for me to share my testimony and how Jesus has been SO faithful to us! 

So even though I may not understand His ways, I know God lets me speak to people to draw them to Him. 

It’s been a month since the August hospital stay. Hopefully I’m done with the bad infections. School has started and I don’t have time to be sick! I love my job and look forward to the upcoming trainings and events I’ve planned for this year for our teachers and students. 

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