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Jesus, Me, and the Kitchen Table

It’s The Season!

on December 6, 2013


Wow! What a variety of emotions the past two days have brought! Several friends have come over and helped on many ways. They’ve helped put up and decorate our tree, went to doctor’s office , grocery store, and pharmacy to bring us stuff so we don’t have to brave the incoming wintry weather. And some just came by for a visit.

You know that Christmas is filled with rich memories of years past. The hanging of ornaments is always a time to remember events and people associated with them. I held up well through the tree decorating . Most of the ornaments are related to work events and gift exchanges and a few given by family. What got me was the angel that sits atop the tree. Emmarie and Chloe picked it out last year. And I just couldn’t help but cry just thinking about how special it is and how it feels like a gift from them.

Then we were listening to Christmas music and this song with lyrics, “Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care, and take us to heaven to live with Thee there.” A flood of tears just flowed as I sang these words! For I know they are with Jesus and I’m on my way there too… Oh the day of that happy reunion!

The Season is young and many more emotions and memories are to come in this the last of the “firsts” without them.

Let us not forget that Jesus is the Reason we celebrate Christmas. My tree will be pretty bare underneath this year. But it’s okay… because He is here!


2 responses to “It’s The Season!

  1. Kristie Smith says:

    Never have I read a more beautiful passage about faith! You are the rock star of faith!!! Love you my friend !!!


  2. Deborah Thompson says:

    It is a beautiful passage about faith, Kristie. Dawn, you’re amazing in your unwavering devotion and faith. I know you miss your precious girls, but you keep them in your heart with memories while they wait for you and Richard to be with them again in heaven. Bless you, dear friend. Love you much.


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