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Graduation Day

on January 1, 2014

Ever the last two months I have spent nearly every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in physical therapy. We have been working on improving my transfers from the bed to the wheelchair, or as the case is in therapy, from the mat to the wheelchair. I have also been doing exercises that strengthen my arms and shoulders including my triceps. Having strong triceps really helps with the transfers. Additionally, I have worked on my core strength and have done exercises like partial sit ups and isometric exercises to strengthen my neck. Today when I arrived my therapist Jim told me that it was the end of two months of therapy and he would evaluate where I was and where we want to go from here. So after doing some working out and then several tests we determined that I have gotten a a lot stronger since starting therapy and that I have mastered my goals including making independent transfers. So today was my graduation day from physical therapy. I will continue to work on strengthening triceps, biceps, shoulders and knack using home exercises and also possibly working out at the fitness center. So with a handshake and a hug we all wished each other a happy new year and that was that!

This is the most perfect timing anyone could expect. That’s because the last time I was at Baylor to visit my PT, Kaylea, from there, she challenged me with being able to make transfers independently by my next doctor appointment in January! She had me promise to come by and demonstrate it for her! So hopefully in a few weeks when I go see Dr. Hamilton I will be able to do just that.



4 responses to “Graduation Day

  1. Barbara Turner says:

    Congratulations on your fantastic progress that you are making!!! YOU AND GOD “CAN DO THIS!!!!” Love you!! Barbara Turner


  2. Ludy Gibson says:

    You are just SO amazing, Dawn. I’m so proud of you. I have told everyone how easy it was to turn you because you seems to do most all the work by yourself. All I really needed to do was straighten your legs and put the pillows. It’s truly amazing the progress that you’ve made over the last year. And when I look out my back door and see your van gone, I just have to smile at how independent that you have become. I truly believe that with God’s help and your determination, you WILL walk again one day. Just don’t EVER give up the hope because each day I see you getting stronger and stronger. Love you so much, sweetie and Happy New Year.


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