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Jesus, Me, and the Kitchen Table

I Chose Life

on June 19, 2014

Raising Jude

I’m currently sitting beside my beautiful baby watching him sleep and listening to him take each breath. I wake up everyday amazed and thankful that he took his first breath and that he is still breathing.

As most of you know, early on in my pregnancy they started to see all the signs that Jude had a form of skeletal dysplasia. From then on, I was strongly encouraged to terminate and try again. I was told things such as “you’re young, you can just try again”, “what quality of life do you think this baby will have?”, “do you really want to make this baby live like this?”, “this is not your normal baby”.
I was frowned on and looked down upon by medical professionals for choosing to give Jude a chance at life.

They then started telling me things such as “you need to prepare for the worst, this…

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