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A Strange and Joyful Happening

on August 9, 2014

A couple of nights ago while sleeping I remember laughing so hard in my sleep that I was actually laughing out loud. I was so incredibly happy. The laughter was not the kind you produce when someone tells a really funny joke. It was different…
The sound of my laughing woke me up which was okay because it was time for me turn anyway. Paraplegics have to turn in bed, it is recommended, at least every two hours to prevent pressure sores. I usually stretch it 2/12 or 3 hours. Anyway, when I woke up I remember almost being in a cloud of pure joy. I remember feeling like I just wanted to hurry up and go back to sleep so that I could maybe get back to whatever was happening while I was asleep. And so I fell back asleep until the next time to turn.

The next morning I was asking my husband if he remembered me laughing in y sleep. He did remember, although he said it did not really sound like laughing. Well, you know, what can I say? I was asleep! He also told me that at one point during the episode that it sounded like I had stopped breathing. About the time he was getting ready to check on me I was “breathing” again.

It wasn’t until last night that I remembered something… you see before I fell asleep that night my thoughts had turned to the girls, as they do almost every night. Although I’ve come a long way in the healing process with grieving, I started crying and asking the Lord to PLEASE let me have another dream about them, to let me hold them in my sleep, in my dreams….

I don’t know what happened. But all I know is when I woke up after laughing, I just felt like I was trying to hurry up and get back to somewhere I had been… I did not want to leave that place. I have never experienced anything like it before. I did not see anything in that “dream.” I did not see the girls, I did not see a big white light, or anything at all. But I could feel extreme joy. Joy like I’ve never felt. It was that “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

Did I go to heaven for a few moments? I don’t know? Was it a weird dream? I don’t know. All I know is I have found more comfort since that night knowing that our precious girls are in that same joy and probably a whole lot more!


2 responses to “A Strange and Joyful Happening

  1. Robert Dougherty says:

    Dawn, I was traveling hwy 49 coming home from work, heading towards MP the night your and your precious daughters were in that awful automobile accident. I have had you, and your family on my heart since that day. I cut out a newspaper article which has a picture of you and your husband Richard, and it is in my strings concordance. Every time I study scripture…. Flipping it’s pages God uses it to bring you to remembrance, and I pray for you! We have never met,
    But(I love you in Jesus) and pray for you with a burden the same as those who are my beloved family&friends. I am teaching an adult Sunday school class at church About Jesus not leaving us alone after he ascended, but giving us his Holy Spirit. I found this site, this morning, and would like to read alittle of what you have written to inspire the adults in the class. I know you posted this publically. But what you write here is so personal, so intamate, that it seems Holy ground. I want to lift up Jesus. To get others to know, to believe that they can live life’s struggles, and still be victorious. Your words come from a heart that knows the meaning of “Broken and spilled out”. Many people in this class have deep struggles
    Grief due to difficulties with teens and poor choices
    Some with special needs kids, and the marathon which never stops of caring for them.
    Some were healthy, but now are struggling with pain daily, with bills, with losing their home, with discouragement.
    I hope it’s ok that I use your name, and the grace you display as an example of Jesus not leaving us alone. Of the Holy Spirit not leaving us comfortless.
    You sister, are a daughter of heaven, who surely makes JESUS so proud.
    May He bless and keep you in his comfort and joy till we see him face to face.


    • dadams8105 says:

      Robert wow! Thank you for your kind words but most especially your prayers! You may use my story- any of my posts- as long as Jesus gets the glory! Blessings to you!


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