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The Longest Day of My Life This Week!

on December 8, 2013

It actually all started yesterday… Richard, my husband, was getting me dressed when he pulled muscles in his back – big time! He barely made it to his side of the bed to lie down for being in so much pain.  So there we were. Stuck in our bed.  Neither of us could get to my medications or fix lunch for that matter.  My friend Nicole and her 2 girls were able to come over and help. And help they did! She helps me transfer to my wheelchair and we got meds and lunch, and got Richard some ice/heat.  The girls washed our dirty dishes. Later they cooked supper for us and we all ate.  Nicole also helped get me back to bed for the night.  Our neighbor Ludy came over twice n the night and turned me ( I have to be turned at least every 4 hours to prevent pressure sores).  

This morning Nicole and another friend Dawn came to get me dressed and up. Nicole and Dawn keep telling me not to panic… that it will all be OK.  I’ve always been a bit of a planner and a organizer. I’ve always had my days lined out. And I don’t like to see Richard hurting.  Weekends are one thing for having a wonderful abundance of people to come help. But during the week when we all go back to work, then what? 

So after Nicole and Dawn left to go to church, I had to find comfort.  So I tried to stream our favorite church service … Church of His Presence from Mobile, AL.  Living in the country makes streaming impossible.  You get a few words here and then a long pause, a few words, long pause.  So I see a lady and mighty prayer warrior I recognize from the church on the screen.  She is speaking to the internet audience, as she stands with her back to the sanctuary and facing the camera.  I cannot hear, only see.  But when the sound does come in, I hear her praying, “blind eyes open, spinal cord injury be healed in the name of Yeshua”! (Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus).  We met her in Pensacola when she was lead intercessor at Brownsville Assembly of God.  She and the church have been praying for us since the accident.  It was NO accident that the sound came in just at that moment as she was praying those words…. God knew I needed to know we going to be okay!  

I kept the preaching and praise going from some DVDs we have for the next couple of hours.  And it really helped keep me focused.  But afterwards I was just left feeling so blah…. so stressed…. so sad!  But we are blessed with such AWESOME friends… God knows just who to send at just the right time.  Lori sent her husband Tim to help us with our heater, Mat brought a heating pad over for Richard, Stacey Hatten brought us some food and lots of hugs and prayers for me!  Love all of you so much!  Ralene and Wayne brought lunch.  It’s been a VERY long day… but I’m okay now.  God is in control no matter what happens.  Richard said the heating pad must have helped his back because it is feeling a little better. His voice sounds better, too.  

I just hate feeling so helpless.  But I DID get sheets out of the dryer for Richard since he can’t bend over at all.  Guess I’d better go…. stay tuned to see how this plays out… how God delivers us…. 


6 responses to “The Longest Day of My Life This Week!

  1. Judy Ziola says:

    Hi, Dawn. Glad to see your blog and new pictures.
    Father God, Please heal Richard’s back quickly. Please continue to give Dawn and Richard that special touch that comes only from You. Please help their tears to become streams of joy. In the precious name of Jesus, amen


  2. misty floyd says:

    praying for healing, peace, and comfort for yall! love you!


  3. Angie says:


    I read this and thought you and Richard. Be blessed and encouraged. I love you!


    Double For Your Trouble

    “For your shame ye shall have double; and for confusion they shall rejoice in their portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto them.” Isaiah 61:7

    There is one thing about God that you must know, He is not unfair. He will never allow His children, whom He loves, to go through the tests, and the fire, and the valley and not experience His goodness in an outweighed measure in their life. Surely His goodness and mercy follows you all of the days of your life! Just as Job received twice as much as he had before his calamity, it is God’s will that you also receive double for your trouble. Double for your shame and double for your confusion. When God turned the captivity of Zion, they were like them that dream! They were walking around saying, “Pinch me. God is blessing me in such a way that I feel like I am dreaming! The nations around them said, “Surely they are the nation whom the Lord has blessed.” How about that! Those around you may have seen your shame, but they will witness God exalting you and blessing you. What you will see in this time is a transfer of wealth like you’ve never seen before. Business ideas will be funded, your God ideas will be funded, non-profits will be financially backed. There are those who are not believers in God who are loaded financially who are not satisfied with the state of the world. God will touch their hearts to bless you so you can help change the world. Just as Rahab helped the Jewish spies, the most unlikely people will help you do what God has called you to do. They will fund your plan, so you must have a plan in place. Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be too shy to receive. Don’t be afraid to present your proposal. Know what you are going to do with it when they say “yes” to you. Your situation is only temporary. God has a greater plan and it involves you being blessed in a great way to advance His Kingdom and establish His covenant in the earth!

    Prayer: Father, thank You for Your word to me today! I receive the double, I receive Your blessing, I receive the power to get wealth, and I receive Your immeasurable favor in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    (Read Job 42:10; Psalms 126; Joshua 2:1; Isaiah 60; Psalms 23:6; Deuteronomy 8:18)


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