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Just Another Lie

on December 12, 2013


The thought creeps in and seems to try to hang around, “I know we aren’t the best people, perfect, but what on earth did we do to deserve this” (fill in the blank). But that is the start of a pity party to say the least and a lie from the devil.
Pity starts with the question “why me” or “why us.” Then the devil tries to make us compare our lives to others. “You’re better than so-and-so” and then we believe we don’t deserve the hardship we’re facing. But the truth is that I deserved to go to hell and have to spend eternity there. But thanks be to God that He loved us so much that He gave his only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins so that the way was made for us to have eternal life in Heaven. The other thing is we should not compare our lives to someone else. Our only measuring stick for our lives should be Jesus. Do we have a relationship with him? Do we live according to his standards? Even Jesus endured suffering and hardships. So why do we think we shouldn’t? And instead of complaining, he prayed and sought the will of God. I am seriously talking to myself here!!
Hard week to say the least. Seems like each day has an added struggle. But also we’ve been blessed with sweet friends who are coming to our aide. I even figured out how to remove hot food from the oven! Difficult but not impossible for a paraplegic!
I arrived at work and sat in my van listening to songs by Kim Walker Smith. The lyrics just say that God is the same no matter what, sickness, pain, depression have no place, and that His blood is sufficient… He’s all I need even when I can’t see it! And I sure needed a reminder today! Thank you Jesus!


One response to “Just Another Lie

  1. Pamela Allen says:

    I so needed to read this post! Been struggling with the same thoughts … ” Why me God?”, ” Why do I have to go thru the things I do,?” … when in reality my question needs to be ” “Why NOT me?” Who am I to question this life that God has allowed me to live. Yes it’s hard, yes it’s painful – even brutal at times, but anything I face I know that as a Christian I am never alone and have God’s protective arms wrapped tightly around me. There is a fairly new song – well new to me – and it talks about trusting your struggle and knowing that whatever you face you are never alone! I’m trusting God daily for the strength I need to get thru the struggles in my life and and your post is just a reminder, once again, that things in this world are going to try and tear you down and make you feel alone and that God had forsaken you, but it’s in those darkest hours I know beyond a shadow of doubt that HE is ever present and providing the strength I need. I’m so humbled and thankful for that and I’m thankful for you and I’m honored to be sharing this journey – as painful as it is for you – because I know that where there is pain in the suffering as a Christian … the Lord is there also, pourng out his love and mercy! God bless you dear one, and I pray today is an easier one for you!


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