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The World Today

I don’t think many of us have to look to far around to know that the world has gone crazy. 

But have you noticed the pace at which everything is happening? 

Sadly watching one state after another adopt laws that allow same sex marriages…

The President use his pen and the phone to make sweeping legislations….

U.S. Dollar quickly declining as the world standard for currency…

Mandatory RFID chip implantation (upcoming) for Obamacare subscribers or anyone on any kind of government assistance (actually in Hanna, Wyoming it’s already a requirement)…

And I’ve seen so many people, kids, ministers and others, being suddenly called home to heaven and I believe this is an act of mercy….

Mercy from what? Mercy from impending judgment.  

A nation cannot spit in God’s face and except Him to bless them.  The slaughter of innocent life, homosexuality on the rampage, and our nation’s overall moral decline are all signs of God’s judgment. 

My heart is heavy for all the lost hurting people of the world today… and time is running out.  

We are living “as in the days of Noah”.  People laughed at and made fun of Noah when he began building the ark.  They didn’t believe him.  The wold was so wicked that God regretted He had mad mankind.  They laughed… they made fun… but then one drop… then another… then a flood… then the earth and everything on it, except those who had entered the ark, were destroyed!  

But it is NOT TOO LATE AMERICA!  Return to the LORD.  He is a LOVING God, not desiring that any should perish.  But He won’t hold back forever.  It’s time for the true Christians, the bride of Christ, to STAND up and confront sin, but to also love people.  

It’s not hate speech or “legalism” to call sin what it is.  It is LOVE!  Love compels people to do what is right for their own good.  

If your neighbor’s house was burning to the ground.  If you loved them you would make sure they had gotten out.. you’d call the fire department… you wouldn’t just let them burn!  But that is what is going to happen to so many people, even ones who THINK they are saved, because they don’t know JESUS as Lord and Savior.  So it is love that compels me to say that abortion is sin.  Homosexuality is sin. Same sex marriage is an abomination to God.  Of course cheating, lying, most cases of divorce, sitting and watching secular television shows where there are foul language, newness, or suggestive content, is BAD.  Church: we can’t have a little Jesus and live like the world.  That’s called SIN.  There will be no sinners in heaven.  We were all sinners, yes.  But some of us got SAVED FROM SIN. It’s not that we don’t accidentally mess up every now and then.  But when we do we are quick to repent and not do it again.  At that point it is washed away and forgiven.  But there won’t be anyone in heaven who lived a sinful lifestyle, even if they prayed a prayer to ask jesus into their hearts.  Only the pure of heart will see God, and there is a holiness that without it, no man will see God.  

All of these things I’m mentioning are to to condemn anyone.  But rather in LOVE to reach out and to hope that somehow when the end of this age does come, and it IS coming, that you will be ready for your eternal destination.  We will all live forever.  Some in heaven in paradise forever and ever.  Some to eternal damnation where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth – forever.  

We have a choice.  We can be a world changer for the LORD or we can sit back and do nothing.

I’ve made my choice.  

In LOVE!  






“Forgiveness does not make the wrong that were done to you right. Forgiveness makes you all right. Forgiveness does not mean letting your perpetrators off the hook.  Forgiveness means letting yourself off the hook and getting released from the tyranny of vengefull thoughts. Forgiving others for their wrongs gives you a chance to shine for Christ like never before.” -Voice of the Martyrs

I can say this is true of me because God has given me the grace to forgive my mother for doing drugs while she was pregnant with me.  I’ve also forgiven my stepsister for trying to hide and keep my share of our dad’s inheritance to herself. And my husband and I have been able to forgive the man who rear ended me and the girls at 7 mph, taking their lives and making me a paraplegic.
Forgiveness comes down to a choice. As Christians we don’t have a choice really. He’s us said to forgive.  He forgave you and everyone who asks for all of our sin which was the reason He had to die on the Cross. So we could be forgiven. But even if you aren’t a Christian, forgiveness benefits you.
Let it go. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

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Easter or Resurrection?

Image          Image

A couple of days ago something hit me and hit me hard! Even though this is really the second year of holidays since the girls went Home, it feels like the first.  That’s because I spent most of the “big” first holidays in the hospital or rehab following the car accident. So now that I am home the reality of it all is coming to me.  So what hit me?  The reality that they are not here? No.  Rather the reality that I had no idea how to celebrate “Easter” anymore.  I’ve been a Christian since I was 12.  But celebrating “Easter” has always been about pretty dresses, new shoes, the Easter church service, a big meal, egg hunts, and “Easter” baskets.   Now that I’m not all wrapped up in buying beautiful dresses for Emmarie and Chloe and myself and having so many festivities to attend, it hit me.  I found myself crying not because the girls aren’t with us as much as the realization that I have never truly celebrated Resurrection. Furthermore, I have NO IDEA how to celebrate it.  Do I love Jesus? Am I thankful for ALL He did for me? YES, of course!!  But what do I do about it to celebrate?  I honestly don’t know. I’d say that at least the family was coming in and we would get together and have a meal and just be thankful together.  But they probably aren’t coming in because my father in law, cut his leg on a chainsaw earlier this week and may not be able to handle the 2.5 hour drive.  And I am not up to driving that far either.   

My husband and I were talking about it and a good question came up….. IF all the eggs, bunnies, dresses,  etc. were removed, and none were available at all… would the Church celebrate or would it just be another church service?  I would like to think we would, but who knows? I’m sure the most sincere Christians would find a way to celebrate.  But another question is why do we as Christians get so caught up in bunnies and eggs when that has absolutely nothing to do with Resurrection, which is THE reason Christians should celebrate Easter.  There is nothing wrong with dressing up in new clothes.  And I love the pastel-colored bunnies, cute decorations, and candy you only find this time of year.  However when you think about the church on Easter Sunday… so many times people show up to see what everyone is wearing, who’s kids are dressed the prettiest, etc.  I have been in so many church services on Easter that were nothing but man’s agenda…and the Holy Spirit didn’t stand a chance of having His way in the service. After all, we need to be at the restaurant before all the other churches let out and get there.  Oh wait – that’s every Sunday in a lot of churches!!!

So what are me and Richard going to do for Resurrection?  Well, we plan on spending the day praising the Lord and maybe streaming a church service.  It’s time for us to think about some new traditions, but ones that don’t involve the secularization of Easter. Before this hit me, I would have sincerely thought that I was celebrating Jesus’ resurrection by going to church and getting together with family.  But I had no idea how much I was also celebrating it in a worldly manner.  I’ve never believed it was all about that other stuff anyway.  I just had no idea how it had pulled me in…. it’s time for me to find some new ways to celebrate, some new traditions to begin, and ones that represent my Savior’s resurrection!  

Happy Resurrection Day!  Be Blessed. 

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Have you ever thought about the saying that our God is a jealous God? This phrase actually comes from Scripture  beginning in Deuteronomy 13 Moses is telling the Israelites that if a prophet comes and gives a word and it comes to pass but if he tries to lead them to other gods then they are to put that prophet to death. It even goes further than that. It says that is a loved one tries to entice them to follow after false gods that they are to be put to death. So there you have it. That is what it means when we say our God is a jealous God.
And in those days which was before Jesus’ time, the only way to pardon for sin was by the shedding of blood. Sometimes God required the blood of animals but other times he required the blood of the evil doer. And we can see from these examples that when it comes to worshipping other gods the blood of animals wasn’t enough.

So what about today? God is still a jealous God. He wants all of us. Any time we follow after the things of this world, whether it be always having to wear the top brand clothes or driving nice cars or watching television and secular movies, delving into New Age , or any thing else that we put ahead or in place of the Lord, that is provoking God’s jealousy. We don’t have grace to allow us to sin. We have grace to keep us from sinning.

If today we have any thing in our lives that we are putting before God the only way to deal with it is to forsaken and ask for forgiveness. God is still a jealous God.

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It occurs to me that maybe we need instruction in how to pray. A lot of times on Facebook I read where friends are facing medical tests and or illness, and are asking for prayers
As I read through the comments people make I often see comments such as “prayed.”
But it occurs to me that in some situations they need is not for a one time prayer, but rather for ongoing prayer.
Sometimes I think people’s lives are so busy and they do want to pray for the needs but they have to do it right then or they might forget. However in some things at least a one time prayer is not really enough. We need to learn to persevere in prayer until we see the answer.
I find it helpful to
keep a list on my notes app in my phone. Then in my prayer time I am able to remember who and what to pray for. It’s also helpful for people to give updates on their situation so that those who are praying can stay updated and know how to focus our prayers.
There are situations in which we don’t really know how to pray or what to pray. In these times its most helpful to pray in the Spirit.

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An Unsung Hero

I don’t know who you are or where you came from. Perhaps you are an angel sent by the Lord to do His work.  I’ve just learned that on the night of my wreck, after we were rear-ended a red truck sped up and pulled in front of me to stop my car.  By doing this he kept me from going off the road (the highway is in a wooded area).  My car hit his but kept other cars from hitting me from the front!  There was not a scratch on his truck, according to an eyewitness.  What a miracle.  I am in shock.  I don’t like to think back to this horrible night (see my About page).  But it is amazing to see God’s hand at work to prevent further damage, probably saving my life.  I just wanted to share this with you all.  If the hispanic gentleman in the red truck ever reads this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are many others too, friends at the scene helping keep me awake, EMS workers.  Thanks to all of you. Love you.  God Bless : ) 


Modern Day Prodigal

Andrew and Todd were brothers. Andrew was twenty years old and Todd was 18 and had just finished high school. Andrew had decided not to go to college but to stay home and help his dad with the family business. The business was growing rapidly and Andrew enjoyed learning all about it. Todd was just as ambitious as his brother. He had plans to go to college and study law. He had been accepted into a prestigious university in a neighboring town. He would live at home and commute to class.

As a college student Todd applied himself well to his studies but he was getting tired of the long hours studying plus he had a part-time job so he could pay his gas and have some spending money. One day, his professor asked him to stay after class. He told Todd about an opportunity to go live overseas, study abroad and take his career to a new level, once he finished his studies. Wow! That night Todd’s mind was racing and he couldn’t sleep. The only problem was that the program required a huge sum of money to be paid up front. This would cover his air fare and first year’s tuition, plus some “miscellaneous fees.” Where would he get that kind of money? Even though he was nervous, he decided to ask his dad for the money.

His dad said that even though business was good and things were growing, he just didn’t have the money to give him. Besides, wasn’t this kind of risky? But Todd persisted and knew his dad had money put back for Andrew’s and his inheritance. So he asked for his half of the inheritance money! This would be enough for Todd to pay for the program and have spending money for quite a while. A few days passed, and just in the nick of time, his dad agreed to give him the cash.

Once he arrived in the new country, things were very different! But he found his way to the University, got settled into his on-campus apartment, and was eager to begin classes. Everything went well for the first few weeks. The only problem was that he was lonely being half-way around the world from his friends and family. Once day he met some other students and started hanging out with them. They were all in the same program. Some of them were from there and others were foreigners like Todd. The group studied together and partied together, too. But things were still pretty good. Todd’s grades were good and he wasn’t lonely anymore, especially once he and one of the girls from the group began dating.

Almost a year had passed. Things were not going so well for Todd. He and his friends got into partying and social life more than studying and attending classes. One day the dean called Todd to his office to tell him he was being cut from the program. Without being enrolled in the University Todd could no longer live on campus and would have to find housing elsewhere or go home. But he could not go home. How would he ever face his father? So he decided to go to work for one of the citizens in exchange for a place to live. This new arrangement was not the kind of lifestyle Todd was used to. He had little to nothing to eat and his friends were gone. Now he really felt like a foreigner. Now he couldn’t sleep at night because he couldn’t stop thinking about home. At home he had everything he needed. At this point, Todd has just enough money left to buy a plane ticket back home.

Todd’s dad looked down the road from his home one day and saw Todd walking toward the house! His eyes filled with tears and his heart swelled with joy to see Todd, his long lost son. They hadn’t even talked in a very long time.
Todd’s dad ran to meet him and hugged him as they made their way to the house. Todd was so ashamed to tell his dad what all had happened. He even told him that he would get a job and pay to live in the house with his family, if they would allow it. But dad was so glad to have Todd home that he told his wife to cook a big meal, complete with dessert. You would have thought it was Thanksgiving or Christmas by the looks of all the food! When Andrew came home from running errands for his dad, there was music playing and all the family was gathered around for the feast to welcome Todd home!

Andrew was more than just a little upset. Here he had stayed home, loyal to his father, heaping with family business while Todd had gone and squandered his inheritance and had brought shame to the family name by getting kicked out of school. The dad took Andrew aside and told him, you will always have me and all I have will be yours. But your brother was as good as lost to us but now he is found!

Of course this is a totally made-up story. There is another story about a prodigal that is very similar. You can read it in Luke 15:11-32. But what is the point of these stories?

The point is that each of us has played the prodigal. But there is hope, just as there was hope for Todd. Are you still a prodigal? Visit and find hope today!



What’s Wrong?

I read a post from a friend today. Her pastor has stated that America is a declining society morally. In response she posed a very good and throughout provoking question: Is technology partially to blame? She mentioned that in her case and, I’ll say in a lot of cases, she is only one phone call or text away from her job or from anyone from that matter. As a result she said we never really spend quality time with our families and so our children learn from what they see in us, to be workaholics, “and contributing to a society based on success and power.”
I’m not even sure which direction to begin addressing this as it is so vast!

First, I think many of us spend way too much time on our phones doing nothing worthwhile for the most-part. That includes me. But that is changing for me. The nature of some jobs do require that kind of connectivity, but most do not. But what about working overtime, especially when it isn’t required? What about taking work home that would be able to be done the next day? Granted, there are teachers who have to spend the time at home or after school working, or it would not get done because planning periods are not enough to plan for instruction and talk to parents, etc. I used to stay at my job and be the last one to leave. At this point in my life I can’t tell you how much I REGRET that! I just thought it was part of doing a good job. But what about my kids? What about my husband? Thank God a year or so before the wreck, I stopped staying late and came home – but usually because the girls had dance classes. At least I was with them. I can never get that time back. All the hours I stayed at the office to “finish” what I had started. It would have still been on my desk the next day. Most of it could have easily waited. But I was driven by a desire to be successful.

But putting all the phones, jobs, etc. aside, what is really wrong? We as a nation have lost sight of God to a huge degree. I know Christians who watch abd listen to music and television and movies on a regular basis. But would they feel convicted if Jesus was there beside them? They have their sights set on fashion, popularity, power, houses, cars, entertainment, you name it! Notice I said “Christians.” I wouldn’t expect an unsaved person to act any differently. But if we all, Christians and non-Christians alike, are spending so much time on social sites, texting, working, shopping, when are we spending quality time with our families? When are we reading to kids, having dinner as a family at the kitchen table, watching a wholesome movie together, visiting other family members, or doing some community service as a family? But MOST OF ALL…. when are we as Christians spending time with JESUS?

I don’t know about you, but I’m to the point to where all I want is more of Him! I need clothes to wear so I will go shop for them when needed, I have to work, so I go to work. But after this accident, my views on life have totally changed. Jesus is worthy of it ALL – all of my time, all of my affection, all of ME! What’s wrong with our society and why it is declining is because AMERICA is LOST! People need to get saved! The ones who are already saved – we should be falling radically in love with our Savior. We need to come back to our first Love! We need to do our first works over again. We need to realize that just going to the altar and saying a prayer does not make us a Christian!!! When we become a Christian, we CHANGE. We need to PRAY for our nation to turn back to God. If we would all just get on fire for the Lord think how different the world could be! Maybe then we could change the world for Jesus instead of the world changing us to be more like itself. Maybe our kids would grow up loving Jesus and their neighbor more than themselves. Maybe our schools would be safe again.

The good news is that it’s not too late! God said£ in the last days He will pour out His spirit on all flesh. That means there is still hope. But we don’t£ have to wait for that to happen. The Bible says today is the day of salvation! Oh let’s pursue God like never before– before it is too late!
Jesus loves you and He wants to be your best friend. Only He can save, heal, deliver us!

Has this moved you? Did this post convict or compel you? Then stop and take an inventory of where your time is going, where your priorities are and where they should be. Make a decision to start putting things in order as they should be. Pray and ask the Lord to help you. If you don’t know the Lord, then message me. I’d love to talk to you! Jesus is waiting. And much is at stake.


God bless you!

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Seek His Face

There is a song by Don Potter which has been in my head.  A portion of they lyrics are, “I can make it to the end if I can just see His face.”  A while back I heard Heidi Baker, a missionary to Africa, describing a time when she had seen the face of the Lord in a vision. She described his deep, piercing, beautiful eyes, the love seen in those eyes, and more that I cannot even remember at this point.  A few weeks ago I started trying to close my eyes and see His face.  I am longing in my soul to see those same deep, beautiful, piercing eyes up close just as she did.  But when I close my eyes I either see His face in a very transparent way or I see Him standing a few feet away.  But i haven’t gotten the close-up of His face that I long to see.

So this morning as I was thinking about this, the thought came that how well we see His face depends on how closely we follow Him.  So if you (or () want to see that face up close and personal, we have to be following Him that closely!  Alternatively, if we only follow from a distance, we will not be able to see His face except from a distance.

James 4:8 says: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify yourhearts, you double-minded.”

A lot of times when I’ve read this verse or heard others refer to it, we/they seemed to stop after the first part, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” But the verse doesn’t stop there.  The rest of the verse says, ” Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded!

Oh.  So the later part of that verse tells us the secret to drawing close to the Lord.  We have to cleanse our hands and purify our hearts and THEN we can draw near to God and He will draw near to us!

No matter how closely we walk with the Lord, we can always come closer and closer. I want to be “whisper close” as Leonard Ravenhill once said.  And then, I will be able to see His face!

Lord help us to forsake sin and the things that set us behind and let us wash our hands of those things, purify our hearts before You, and draw near.  We want to be near to You!

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Decisions, Decisions!


Note: For my readers who use screen reading software, the picture above has a sign that says, “Decision Making.” From that sign flows lines with a word attached to the bottom of each line.  The words are: alternatives, uncertainty, high-risk consequences, interpersonal issues, and complexity.  

On Monday of this week I had the privilege of going to Dallas, which is about 2 hours from where I live.  I say privilege because I’m a city-girl who likes to live in the country! That’s weird, right? It’s just that I love the things of the city such as Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, nice places to shop, etc.  But at the end of the day I like to retreat to the peace and quiet of the country where I can sit on the back deck and look at the trees and hear the faint music of wind-chimes.  The best of both worlds!  It was a nice escape from my wonderful, but rather small town. I used to go with the girls to the Dallas metroplex quite often for fun outings.

The primary reason for the trip to Dallas was that I had to go for a doctor’s appointment with my spinal cord injury specialist, Dr. Rita Hamilton. She was the doctor who took care of me while I was in Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation. The visit went well. Everyone has been telling me I have lost weight, and they are correct. I’ve lost about 15 pounds since coming home in April.  That is a total weight loss for the year of about 55 pounds!

But back to the city….  My friend that went with me suggested we try S&D Oyster Company in downtown for lunch.  My cousin Rebecca and her husband James joined us and we had a really nice visit.  The fellowship and the food were both great! The service was outstanding as well.  I highly recommend it. It’s on McKinney just down from the Crescent Hotel.  After my appointment, we went to see my friend’s nephew, a 2-year-old baby with special needs.  It was so good to meet him and his family.  The baby’s mom had brought food to my husband while he was with Emmarie at Children’s following our accident.  I had heard all about them from my friend, so it was nice to finally put faces with names.

Our next stop was Starbucks.  First decision: what to order! I love Frappaccinos and hot coffee alike, but only the flavored stuff.  I narrowed it down to Mocha Latte or Java Chip Frappaccino, and chose the later.  This was my first Starbucks since August!  And it did hit the spot.

Next stop: Verizon store!  It was time for an upgrade from the iPhone 4s to something else.  But what? The choice came down to iPhone 5c, 5s, or totally switch and go with a Samsung Galaxy.  For a few years I’ve been sold on Apple because of the built-in accessibility features, particularly the Zoom feature.  It’s not enough just to make the font bigger in text messaging. I need to be able to increase fonts in the entire display. I wasn’t sure if the Galaxy would allow that or not.  But I knew one thing.  The screen was SO much bigger!  So I looked at the Galaxy Note 3 and had the sales person show me how the acccessibility features worked.  And I loved it…. it IS perfect! The iPhone 5c/5s screen is only taller, not wider.  But the Galaxy screen is both taller and wider and allows me to make the print larger than on the iPhone and still be able to read more than one word or two at a time.   On the iPhone I would sometimes have to use VoiceOver to read content to me because on webpages I couldn’t get the print big enough.  Sometimes that is nice, but I mostly prefer to read it myself.  Once I was sure that my photo stream would sync with my iPad, I was more or less okay with trading in the iPhone and getting the Galaxy Note 3.

I was also upgrading the wireless card for our home internet.  So that was another decision in itself, but I think I made a good choice. I hated the Verizon Mifi card that I had and so far am relieved at how easy to use the new Elipsis Jetpack is to use. Whew!

The guy at the store told me I had 2 weeks to return anything.  Well, about 2 days into using my wonderful new Note 3, I was ready to trade it in and get my iPhone back!  Why? Because my iPhone friends couldn’t text me.  And it was SO different. I didn’t like the learning curve at all.  But on the other hand, I was enjoying toying around with new technology.  Mixed emotions.  But I had to figure out this texting thing.  Some friends helped and we figured out that iMessage in their iPhones had to be turned off and set to send texts via SMS.  I think the iPhone tries to send texts as iMessages first, but only iPhones, iPads, etc can receive iMessages. So everyone did this and now the problem is fixed.  I’m still trying to figure out how to do some things, but I LOVE this phone and I’m happy with my decision!

In life we are always faced with decisions.  Some are big and some are small.  The Lord cares about every detail of our lives.  And especially in life’s critical decisions, we need to be led by the Holy Spirit. What decisions are you faced with today or in the near future? We know we can cast our cares on Him, because He cares for us.